Does the Pioneer VSX-921-k surround receiver have a GUI that will work with a large volume of MP3's connected through the USB port?
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Does the Pioneer VSX-921-k surround receiver have a GUI that will work with a large volume of MP3's connected through the USB port?

I emailed Pioneer but no response- I asked a dealer but he did not seem clear on this.

I have a 1TB external hard drive with about 600 GB of music-I want to play it on shuffle through my home stereo (no visualization needed other than a menu of songs.

Does anyone know if this is viable with the receiver mentioned?

If it will work with the Pioneer-will I have to have the MP3's loose or will in folders work?

I looked at putting Ubuntu on my PS3 with a 1 Tb drive but from what I have read in the archives re PS3 =poor performance / not simple to change over between music and games.

I did not find any easy sounding solution in the archives-for any type of systems . :(

Would a "slingbox" / "boxee" type device be better than the reciever?

I DO NOT want to do any wireless connection. I have a huge selection of quality music I really would love to listen to .

Thank you in advance
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Have you read the manual? It seems to imply that it used the OSD on the receiver and not the TV.
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The OSD is on the TV ("On Screen Display").

I have recently acquired a VSX-1020k, which I gather has a similar GUI, but I haven't tried using the USB port with a drive full of stuff, or with folders. The display when using an attached ipod is a little underwhelming - I think you basically have the options of next/previous. I'm busy the next couple of evenings, but I've sent myself this link to have a look.

Would a "slingbox" / "boxee" type device be better than the reciever?

Admitting that I haven't really had a good poke around, I'd say the answer to this is 'almost certainly yes' (I'm using a mac mini with itunes with mine).
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wongcorgi -I read the manual I found online ( I have not bought it yet as I want to know if my use is viable first) but a combination of being heavily medicated and perhaps the manual itself-I could not determine the scale/useability of the GUI. Thank you for the comment

pompomtom- if you manage to spare some time and could give me some real feedback on this-it would be MOST appreciated.If you do t get time-you have given me useful information already-Thank you

Again due to medication(forget what I read within seconds)- I tried to set up a wireless system and had issues with outside 'dabbling". My mind cannot seem to decipher properly securing wireless so hard wired is best for me.
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Hi again,

I've chucked some photos up here (apologies for the quality...), showing the GUI. You'd definitely want folders, and you can really only play a folder at a time... unless you enjoy listening to your music in alphabetical order.

I think the USB functionality makes sense if someone's brought around a thumbdrive full of tunes or photos, but for a decent-sized music library you'd want to have something else feeding the amp.
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(oh, and the '#####' shows that it doesn't deal with unicode characters either... that should've read: "パトリック")
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pompomtom; Thank you So much for putting so much effort into this.I really appreciate it and fully agree that I will want to look at another method.I would never have known this so clearly without your screen shots.T

hank you again

BTW I think I might break down and try wireless and Itunes as it will accept that source.
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