What's happening to this guitar?
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What is Low's Alan Sparhawk doing to his guitar?

Specifically, in "Just Stand Back," on The Great Destroyer, what's going on with the lead guitar line that appears at 1:23? How's he getting that wiggly-but-sustained sound? Obviously the guitar's getting distortion and a little reverb, but what beyond that? Is he picking really fast, or using some combo of an e-bow and vibrato? Any opinions/guesses/hunches are welcome.
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Here's his rig if that's any help. An ebow was the first thing I thought but I don't have access to the song so that's just an educated guess.
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From my friend, who literally knows everything there is to know about guitars:
S.: its a fucking slideS.: with a delay pedalS.: you can quote me just like that

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Yep, definitely a slide + lots of distortion and delay.
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