Slippery sandpaper.
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The sand paper keeps slipping off this Dremel sanding drum. How do I make it not do that? The bit is secure and the sand paper is the proper size for the drum.
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On my Craftsman, a Dremel knock-off, when you tighten the screw that holds the rubber drum on to the spindle that's clamped in the tool's chuck, it squishes the drum so that it expands inside the sandpaper tube, holding it in place.

So if it's like mine: Tighten the screw on the end of the drum.
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You've tightened up the screw in the end of the mandrel, no? That's what actually grips the sanding 'drum'; the rubber bit of the mandrel is compressed lengthways and expands to grip the paper.
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If your is at all like mine, it's got a phillips screw in the end of it over a washer, that you'll need to tighten down.
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yep, that washer is the important part for the squishy tightness.
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Yep, just checked, the rubber drum expands.
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AHA. It was the screw that needed tightening. I would never have guessed it worked that way. Thanks!
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