Good resources for evaluating enterprise web CMSs and DAM?
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What are good resources for researching and evaluating enterprise web content management and digital asset management systems?
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So you want one thing that will function as a web content management system AND a digital asset management system?
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Two systems.
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I don't have many specific resources, but I'm actually working on a CMS presentation now (really, right now) and I've done a few searches for things like "cms goals" and "evaluate cms" and "choosing a cms" and worked up my own lists based on 10 or so good lists I found just from poking around.

I didn't find a single site that I felt covered everything, but putting together bits from a bunch of sites I felt like I understood what I could be missing.

One that stood out was this one at ALA.
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I haven't done this kind of research in a few years but here are places I looked:

CMS Matrix
CMS Review
CMS Wire
CM Pros had good content but much of it was members-only
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