i need heavy, 2011-vintage music.
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I'm in need of heavy, new music. I know that sounds general, but if I give a couple of examples, could you recommend similar tracks or albums? OK: The Zed's Dead remix of Massive Attack's "Paradise Circus." The entire Araabmuzik album. Also, the Weeknd's first EP.

I'm not allergic to guitar-based music, but lately I'm more interested in hip-hop and electronic sounds. And again, the heavier, the better.
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King Midas Sound or possibly the Bug. They're both heavy. Videos are on YouTube.
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Best answer: Resident Advisor is great for this sort of thing. They have a free weekly podcast featuring a different highly rated DJ and skew heavily towards bass music, including dubstep. Some of the freshest and heaviest sounds you will hear anywhere in the electronic world. Of the currently available ones I would highly recommend the George Fitzgerald one, and you may also like the newest one from Cosmin TRG, although that is a bit more on the techno side. They've also recently had mixes from the likes of Skream, Tokimonsta and Sei A, all of whom I think would meet your criteria.
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Best answer: Not exactly new, as it dates from the late 90s, but I think you would enjoy Capricorn's Lost in Jellywood album. I still listen to this a lot.
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Best answer: You will almost certainly like some of the links from my recent post.
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Best answer: Well the heaviest electronic-based thing I've been listening to recently is the Blood of Heroes album. Its a bit uneven but when its good its really good, as in Transcendent and Repositioned.
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Flying Lotus' $tunt$?
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Heavy hip-hop? Oh, get ye some Dalek, ASAP.

[subversive script]

Also, a lot of Opgezwolle's stuff has a pretty dark and dirty feel to it, if you're into Dutch rap - Hoedenplank

For great Massive Attack mix action, you can't hardly beat Mad Professor's dubmix album 'No Protection' (and that's classic dubbin', not dubstep) - title track

For something a bit more current and darkdance-y, try Infected Mushroom - Sa'eed
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Speedy J might fit the bill.
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See also: Cervello Elettronico.
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Response by poster: thanks, everyone! i definitely need to hone my musical vocabulary, and admit my pop biases. the cut that's come closest to what i'm looking for, sonically, is this bassnectar track from fake's thread. but the emotional tone is too light, if that makes any sense. i guess i'm looking for despair and brutality on an emotional level, backed by embarrassingly pandering bass drops. the dubstep version of anaal nathrakh, maybe?
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This stuff isn't 2011 vintage, but in case you haven't already been exposed to it, the many projects of Justin Broadrick (also in Blood of Heroes) might fit the bill.

Godflesh is an obvious choice for despair and brutality, with a bit of electronic (or at least programmed drums) flair, though no bass drops per se. Earlier, less electronic stuff: Slateman, Streetcleaner, Cold World, Avalanche Master Song. They started getting into more electronic stuff later on, with mixed results, but here are some standout tracks: Hunter, Scapegoat Dub.

His side project Techno Animal had a few tracks that might get closer to what you're looking for, but again with no bass drops in the modern sense: Bass Concussion, Sub Species, Cruise Mode 101, Demonoid, Fistfunk.

His collaboration with Alec Empire, Curse of the Golden Vampire, was much noisier and hardcore: Low-Tech Predator, Caucasian Deathmask.

Kevin Martin, his co-conspirator in Techno Animal, has another project called The Bug (mentioned earlier in this thread) that does a sort of proto-dubstep, heavy dancehall: Run the Place Red.
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