Help me identify this children's fantasy radio play!
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Help me identify a children's fantasy story! It was a radio drama (possibly based on a book, possibly airing on the BBC) that I listened to when I was young. Details inside...

The main story was about a boy who discovers a secret room containing a board game that looks similar to a chess board, but with unusual pieces. The boy takes the central piece. He later discovers this has set an ancient game in motion, the aim of which is to capture the central piece. Details are hazy but the result is two opposing medieval armies marching across the land in search of the piece whilst the boy tries to return it to the board (and end the game) before it all gets out of hand.

The story would have aired on British radio in the early 1990s or possibly the late 1980s.

I'm pretty sure the above details are correct, and here are some extra details I am less sure about:
- The chess piece was some form of tree or bush and the secret room/cave was hidden under a hill
- The last time the game was played it caused the dark ages
- It very much seemed like it could have been based on a book and it was a number of episodes long
- It seemed really creepy.

Google has let me down on this one though I guess it might be a bit too old to have an internet presence.

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This sounds similar (but not exactly like) to the novel Albion's Dream, in which two boys find a board game which ends up having a very strong effect on the world around them. I haven't read it since soon after it came out, but what I remember from being young and getting into it is that it was pretty dark for a young adult story.

I have no idea if it was ever adapted for the radio, and the talk of armies makes me think it's not the same story, unfortunately.
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