Alternatives to Chanel No. 5 Bath Powder?
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Looking for alternatives for a hard-to-find gift: Chanel No. 5 Bath Powder.

Need a gift for my mom, she loves Chanel No.5 Bath Powder, and she also liked Carolina Herrera Bath Powder. The Chanel is usually available at, but it's currently listed as "unavailable".

I know nothing about what products or scents would be similar, to me it's just "luxurious bath powder". Any suggestions?
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It appears as if you can buy the Chanel powder right from the Chanel website.
posted by jenny76 at 9:23 PM on September 19, 2011

Is what you are looking for listed on Ebay?
posted by bolognius maximus at 9:23 PM on September 19, 2011

Bath and Body work's...Moon light path scent. Just like Chanel #5....
posted by pearlybob at 9:37 PM on September 19, 2011

Not sure if this is the one you want, but there's this one plus several other Chanel powder products on Amazon.
posted by konig at 9:41 PM on September 19, 2011

Thanks everybody - my google-fu failed me once again.
posted by and for no one at 10:32 PM on September 19, 2011

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