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What are the best online resources for info about older Chevy pickups?

I recently purchased a 1985 Chevy C20 pickup. I'm curious to learn more about these trucks, as well as have a reference or place to ask questions regarding problems and repairs that may need to be done.

I used to modify Ford Mustangs and found a lot of trivia about them interesting, both of the useful (parts from year X through Y will fit your car) type, and less useful stuff (in 1991 the horsepower rating dropped from 225 to 215 even though no mechanical changes were made, because of a difference in the testing methodology). I was a member of various online forums at the time, but feel that I've outgrown a lot of the sort of discussion that I used to see there. I am more interested in history, restoration, reference, and concours-type info, rather than modification, racing, or showing cars (I'm not interested in, for example, a forum discussing custom rims and window tint).

Do you have any good Chevy truck reference sites?
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