What kind of haircut should I get?
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Give me a haircut. I am a youngish guy with a beard that I keep trimmed pretty short. I need a haircut to match. Longer, I-hate-my-current-haircut story inside.

Basically, I am looking for a short haircut that is low maintenance and can suffer the results of wearing a motorcycle helmet in the spring/summer/fall and big fuzzy toques in the winter without getting too ruined. Hell, if there is a hairstyle that would benefit from being shoved under a helmet/hat during my daily commute that would be awesome, but I don't imagine such a thing exists.

Right now I have a relatively basic side-part, comb-it-to-the-side deal. I'm kind of tired of it and it takes a surprising amount of effort to keep it from looking like a total trainwreck after I've been on the bike for a while.

I'd like to go for something that takes less effort -- ideally something that looks good without any product but can be made to look a bit more slick if I do want to spend some time with gel and a blow dryer. I don't want a buzzcut; I want something that will kind of balance out my facial hair (so, it has to be a bit longer than my beard).

Blah, blah, blah...give me some ideas that I can bring to my hairdresser, please!
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Don't go to a hairdresser. Go to a barber. Tell them you want it "barely comb-able" on the sides, and longer on top. They'll ask if you want the back blocked or tapered (look it up) and how high off the ear. Tell them you wear a helmet a lot.

The above is how I've had my hair cut for years. I still part it (like you do) but, being cut right, it falls back into (kinda) place even after I've been swimming.
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Is there really an advantage of selecting a barber vs a hairdresser? As long as the hairdresser is trained to cut men's hair and does a good job of it, I really don't see what the difference is aside from the atmosphere of the shop.

I get the impression that a lot of guys suggest a barber because it's more "manly," not because you necessarily get a better haircut. If I'm wrong, please educate me.
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Not a guy, but my husband goes to a place that specifically caters to men. NOT a barber shop, but a traditional saloon for men. He gets great cuts there with his stylist lady. Barber shops seem to be overly simple and meant for men who know what they want or what to ask for. You need a stylist.
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Er, salon, not saloon. ;)
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I think you should revive the Ceasar - looks awesome with a beard. George Clooney's been rocking out a variant for a while. Best of all - low maintanece and survives helmut head well - run your fingers through your mussed hair and voila!

I wish I could carry it off - but I've got an ENORNMOUSLY round head. Seriously - it's a noggin for the ages - anything that's too styled and my hair looks like a toupee.
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I get mine short (as in various levels of buzzed) at the back and sides, neatly blended up to where it is "short but long enough to play with". The top is done with scissors.

The result is that I can get out of bed and do NOTHING to my hair and leave the house looking presentable - but if I wanted to add some styling product & set it a certain way or look a bit fancier I can.

YMMV, but it sounds like it's close to what you're after.
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