I am not William Morris nor Maxfield Parrish. Who am I?
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Can anyone help identify the artist and source of this image. It is in the Arts and Crafts style, 15 " tall by 40" wide. It appears to be a lithograph.

When removed from the frame it seems that it may have been cut from a larger image.The top edge is uneven and showing what may be a black border. The image is printed edge to edge without borders. I don't think it was wallpaper, but I can be easily swayed. The depiction of one of the revelers motioning for others to join ( on the left) may indicate that it is part of a larger piece or a dyptych, tryptych.
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Have you tried Google googles? It's an app for your smartphone.
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Looks a lot like Henri Cassiers.
But, as the auction link says - "attributed to". I'd look into Dutch, French and Belgium illustration artists. Say 1920 to 1940. Many did travel posters. Good place to look.
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Correction to cnanderson: Google Goggles. Not Google googles.
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I doubt any of these are right, but no one else is posting and this is the best I can do:

Blanche Fisher Wright
Maginel Enright
Ruth Eger

Sorry! I hope someone gets the answer. If you figure it out, please let us know!
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Thanks cccc, but it seems that it is none of those. However Google brought up some other related images, so keep those guesses coming.
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It reminds me of Cecil Aldin.
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