What are family-friendly destinations in Thailand accessible by train?
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What are family-friendly destinations in Thailand accessible by train?

My wife and I are planning a trip to Thailand next July with our daughters of (then) 5 and 2. Both suffer terribly from car sickness. (They can't go 20 minutes without throwing up, and they have proven they are capable of crying for longer than an hour before falling asleep, and resuming crying when they wake.) It seems most destinations from Bangkok involve long bus journeys.

Trains are fine. We're OK with short rides on planes or ferries if unavoidable.

We're just looking for a comfortable beach holiday, hopefully not too commercialised or crowded, but the only thing we're really choosy about is transport.

(Tips for dealing with travel sickness in children also welcome.)
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I'd highly recommend Koh Samui. It's about 45 minutes from Bangkok by plane and flights are pretty affordable. Nice and relaxing and beautiful scenery.
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Hua Hin is a nice resort although a little built up these days. It lacks the spectacular beaches of places like Koh Samui and Krabi. It is an easy train ride from Bangkok.

You can do Koh Samui the old skool way with a charming and not expensive overnight sleeper train to Surat Thani and then get the boat over, but it does tend to get a bit choppy sometimes and flying down from Bangkok is more pleasant and quicker (though much less atmospheric).
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Have you checked flights on AirAsia? Usually very reasonable.

Hua Hin has its charms, but as said the beaches are not great. I'd say Samui. Under no circumstances go to Pattaya.
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Seat 61 on Thailand

I'm a bit unclear on the question, since you don't really need to go to Bangkok at all if you want a beach vacation, and the southern parts have much nicer beaches.
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Sorry, I should've added: we're meeting and spending a couple of days with my brother, who lives in Bangkok, before heading for a beach. The train ride South seems to be the way to go (thanks for the Seat61 link!), only concern is that those areas tend to be the most commercialised. That said, I've not been there yet, so I don't really know how big an issue that is.
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