Where can I watch Chinese Basketball Association games online?
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Where can I watch Chinese Basketball Association games online? Streaming would be preferable, but I'd also be happy to download and watch the day after if anyone knows where they're posted.

With the NBA still locked out, I might have to get my basketball fix elsewhere, so the CBA it is. I'm in the U.S., so ideally the site wouldn't block non-China viewers (though if it does, let me know if you have suggestions for Chinese proxies heading back across the Great Firewall). Thanks.
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This site claims to stream the CBA live; not my sport so never watched, and I'm in China so can't tell if it's available overseas.
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PPTV is a popular Chinese peer-to-peer streaming program for real-time broadcasts. It does lots of sports but I'm not sure specifically about CBA. Chinese website (I don't speak Chinese, can't help further).
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This search ("中国篮球盟线上看比赛 China Basketball League Online Watch Games") turned up this site: HoopChina. Looks like it's all embedded Youku videos.
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