Pretty pink and purple
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I saw some potted flowers on someone's front gate and I would like to know what they are. They were bright pink, shaped like impatiens, but the leaves were a uniform and solid dark maroon/purple. They were sort of the same color as maple leaves before they turn in the fall. Unfortunately, I could not get a picture of the plant, and I have been looking at images of impatiens and other flowers all night with no luck. Green thumbs of AskMe, do you have any ideas?
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Oxalis triangularis?
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There's a variety of Impatiens that has darker than normal foliage - could it be one of those? My mother kept one that had foliage so dark purple it was nearly black. I know them as New Guinea Impatiens but they might have a different name in the States.
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It's a longshot, but there's a purple variety of Wandering Jew that has bright pink flowers.
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