Meeting people at/for Iceland Airwaves
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I'll be heading to Iceland Airwaves next month in Reykjavik. I've never been to the country or festival before, and would love to know/meet a few kindly people to enjoy my time with. Where would you suggest meeting them, either during or in advance of my trip? Other tips for Icelandic tourism are welcome as well.
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Well, you could call a MetaFilter meetup. Though at the last meetup there were just two of us. Some other MeFites might be coming for Airwaves, though.
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Just got back from Iceland, and it was an absolute blast. To the degree that I'll definitely be visiting again next year.

When do you arrive and depart? Have you arranged for lodging yet?
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Want to meet random Icelanders, or want to specifically meet people going to the festival? I've never used it, but it seems couchsurfing might be a good way to meet cool people, whether or not you already have lodging.
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Iceland is absolutely amazing for natural scenery - how much time do you have in country? The ring road is doable in a week, although I don't know what the weather is like this time of year - I went in early May this year and had a great time. If you have less time then I'd recommend at least seeing Geysir and Thingvellir - both doable as a day trip from Reykjavik - and maybe some stuff in the south, like Vik. There are a ton of cool waterfalls in the area.
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I'm jealous - I'm going to miss it this year. Couchsurfing is definitely a good idea. Post in the Reykjavik group and ask if anyone wants to go for a drink. And check the other Iceland threads here for tips too.
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Headed there for my honeymoon on Monday. Missing the festival, but hopefully can get some last minute fun times in.
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