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How do I make OSX Lion, Netgear's ReadyNAS Duo device, and Time Machine work together?

Apparently, OSX Lion caused some hiccup with the software that is supposed to communicate with the ReadyNAS device for Time Machine backups.

NetGear indicates that I have to download a software update here. However, when I do so, my Mac doesn't recognize the file format. Maybe it's missing an extension?

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Based on my understanding of the RAIDiator update: Your Mac isn't necessarily supposed to understand the file format. It's intended for the ReadyNAS box. I'd guess you drop the update file somewhere on the NAS box, enter its browser-based admin GUI and tell it to load the update from the file.

Just guessing though ...
posted by krilli at 10:36 AM on September 18, 2011

OK, so what is its "browser-based admin GUI"? I've never had to use that prior to updating to OSX Lion. The two machines would just recognize each other and communicate happily.
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This is what I'm basing my conjecture on: "The simplest way to update is to use the System/Update/Remote tab in Frontview." This Frontview thing seems to be the browser-based admin GUI. Check the manual.
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OK, so what they refer to as "FrontView" is what the rest of the world refers to as a control panel. I think I've figured it out...thanks...
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