Where would you buy a waistcoat in Chicago
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Where would you buy a waistcoat (you know, like the vest part of a three piece suit) in Chicago? I know that All Saints has two in the fall line, but they (like the department stores) are both basic black. Guy is looking for something a little more exciting, maybe with matching pants. I don't want the responsibility of sewing it myself (and pants are definitely beyond me, anyway). Custom is probably okay; online is okay; custom on-line is not preferred. He will not have the patience for going through vintage or consignment shops.
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How much excitement does he need? I like this herringbone J. Crew model, but it's not going to shock old ladies at the supermarket.
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I would be very tempted to hit up one of the pimp-tastic shops on Roosevelt, or Roberto's at State and Adams. I can't imagine where you'd be able to find more exciting menswear.
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Paul Stuart
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A place that sells/rents tuxedos for weddings.
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Is Indochino too custom on-line? The actual clothing is not custom, it's just made to fit.

(Disclosure: I know someone involved in the company; also, I am not a dude and have never ordered from them.)
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Paul Chang in the Loop does bespoke for reasonable prices. I don't have experience with him, but his name comes up enough on Styleforum that I'd consider him.

Montopoli is another bespoke/MTM tailor that I have on my list to check out, but haven't had a chance.
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