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What are some of your favorite museum websites (urls please)? Specifically looking for interesting and engaging historic house museum websites.
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This post is not intended to be funny or ironic, it's my favorite.
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McCord Museum for the games.
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Google Art Project. If you haven't seen this yet, it's amazing. Google partnered with a bunch of big name museums and photographed their exhibits, allowing web site visitors to zoom into the paintings incredibly close. It was thorough this project that I first understood what made great art great.
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You wanted historic houses? I apparently love to live in towns with historic house museums.

One of my favorites is the Kimberly-Crest House and Gardens. I think it walks a fine balance between 'well designed and cared for' and 'too commercial for a non-profit.' I also particularly like that the crucial information (hours, events, etc) are right dead-center in the middle of the page. I wish it had a Favicon, better header title, and more sophisticated font choices for that middle column. Overall, I think they do a good job and had excellent photography.

By contrast, if you're looking for an example of a barely adequate, small-bones budget (but gets the job done!) historic house museum website, look at the Grand Forks Historical Society, specifically Campbell House and Lustron House.

I also like Boldt Castle's website. It's quite snazzy (looks like it has been updated to recent web design standards, has a few bells and whistles, but still screams 'non-profit' perhaps because it's so wordy in its description and options). I don't like that it has a photo that takes a few seconds longer than it should to load (I guess it's a slideshow, actually) and the favicon is again terrible; I'm also not a huge fan of their logo but at least they have one.

Hearst Castle is very much along the same lines as Boldt Castle, despite being 4000 miles away.

If you'd like, I can probably dig up more--I really do like historic houses (and, er, castles) and I pay attention to websites for professional reasons. Big, well funded museums and smaller, super-local ones, just let me know because I have more favorites.
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Within These Walls was really groundbreaking in its time - its use of Flash and pop-up windows wouldn't be condoned now, but the content is good.
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For clarification: are you looking for websites, or interactives, or both?

It's also really worth taking a look through the annual Best of the Web-winners and nominees from Museums and the Web.
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