Help me find a good, realistic political novel
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I'm looking for a realistic political novel that's not a spy thriller.

The recent GOP debates have put me in an election mood. I'm wondering if there are any good political novels out there that deal with a campaign that aren't necessarily thrillers.

I'm thinking of the final season of The West Wing or the movie The Contender or even, dare I say it, something like Swing Vote. Examples from real life would include the 2000 Florida recount or the Democrats almost having a contentious convention in 2008.

A search of political novels on Amazon brings up all kinds of espionage and military craziness; one "Pug Connors" novel had California seceding. That's not what I'm looking for.

I imagine someone will recommend Primary Colors or Game Changer, but I'd prefer fiction.

Does what I'm thinking of even exist?
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Robet Caro's The Years of Lyndon Johnson may be what you're looking for.
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All the King's Men sounds like a good fit. With the big caveat that it's not just about electoral politics.
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Although it's about the politics of a different era (the pre-Civil Rights South), I think that All the King's Men might be what you're looking for. It takes the political and personal motivations of the characters seriously, and does what I thought was a really accurate job of portraying the relationships between a powerful politician and the people around him.

Technically, Primary Colors is fiction, but it's also terrible.

On a lighter note, I'd recommend Al Franken's "Why Not Me," which chronicles his fictional campaign for President. There's a fair bit of slapstick (at one point, the candidate's brother takes a two-by-four and tries to give other candidates a severe case of "board poisoning"), but I think Franken's a pretty thoughtful guy about politics.
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Gore Vidal's Narratives of Empire Series.
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Speaking of Gore Vidal, how about a play?
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Larry L King's "The One Eyed Man"
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It's nonfiction, but I'd recommend A Prayer for the City, H. G. Bissinger's book about Ed Rendell as the mayor of Philadelphia, and Boss, Mike Royko's book about Chicago's Mayor Daley.
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I've been recommended (the pretty famous) Advise and Consent, but it wasn't really to my taste.

Wikipedia has a list of:

Politics in Fiction
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Scott Simon (of NPR fame) writes novels, one of which, Windy City, is about Chicago politics.
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Best answer: A couple that might fit the bill, although they're not recent:

Promises To Keep is a thinly disguised look at what might have happened if JFK had survived the assassination attempt.

Favorite Son is full of political intrigue.
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Also, if British politics is of any interest to you, you could try almost anything by Michael Dobbs. Start with House Of Cards and To Play The King.
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I especially like David Edgar's play "Continental Divide" (actually two plays, "Daughters of the Revolution" and "Mothers Against").
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The Last Hurrah is the best book ever about big city ward heeler politics. Also great fun.

Primary Colors is a novel. Game Change is written like one, but is not.

All the King's Men is a classic of the genre. And damnit, now I have to go reread it.
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Best answer: Have you read any Jeffrey Archer? His novels tend to be a bit farther-reaching (ie, a life rather than one political campaign) but many of them include at least one campaign. The Prodigal Daughter is a good one for politics, and I found it had a similar mood to the last season of The West Wing.

(Caveat: his books are political beach reading, and I wouldn't describe them as "realistic;" but they're engaging and fun and don't have any spies.)
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Like "All the King's Men" and "The One-Eyed Man," Billy Lee Brammer's "The Gay Place" is a true classic American political novel (written before the word gay changed meaning), by a Texan who worked for Lyndon Johnson. They're all classics, as I said, and unlike some of the other recommendations, they're extremely well written.
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Kim Stanley Robinson wrote a political scifi trilogy that I haven't read but that sounds good and plausible:

Forty Signs Of Rain
Fifty Degrees Below
Sixty Days And Counting
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I'd recommend Big If by Mark Costello. I learned more about Get Out the Vote operations (GOTV) from that book than any nonfiction I've read. The novel was a finalist for the National Book Award in 2002.
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