Drawing a simple, elegant chart for an MS Word doc
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I need to draw a small diagram and drop it into an MS Word document - what are the best free, user-friendly tools to do this?

I need to illustrate the flow of data between several databases, w/both the databases and the information flows labeled. It's a simple graphic, but it needs to look reasonably elegant.

Bonus points if I can later convert the document to a PDF w/out screwing up the graphic.
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Lucidcharts is a thing I've only just started playing with, but like. Free, online, easy to use so far.
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You can draw it right inside word.

Insert shapes or a SmartArt graphic using rectangles for the databases, arrows for the flow of information, and textboxes to label things. The shapes are flexible: you can control color, orientation, borders, etc. It should do everything you want to do.
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Yeah, I was gonna suggest doing it all in Word. Word's drawing options are pretty decent.
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If you've got Word, you're probably also got PowerPoint. I would make the graphic in PP, then "save as" in the appropriate format (jpg, bmp, etc.) and insert that. I've done this quite successfully several times.
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I often make these diagrams in Excel because there's so much flexibility about where to put text: in the smart art slots, in text boxes or in cells. Turn off the gridlines and copy-paste special-windows metafile to insert your creation into word. Or save it as a PDF.
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Depending on your skill level... What I usually do is draw it on a whiteboard and take a photo. If your drawing skills are good it can add a sort of retro and custom feel to what you are doing. And easier to add / edit / change on the whiteboard than futzing with something on a screen
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Inkscape is a free, open source proper SVG drawing program that's pretty easy to learn, will do things nicely this time, and then you'll have it for when you need something more complicated.
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You can use Balsamiq for this. I just use the free browser version and printscreen to capture. There are like 700 "online wireframe" apps that you can try out.
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Use PowerPoint. When you paste them into Word, use Paste As and paste as bitmap.

For the love of god, do not do graphics editing in Word. It will lead to all sorts of pain.
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I create flowchart like models in Word with draw all the time. But Visio (free trial) looks nicer.
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If you want it in a PDF later place it in as Windows metafile (.wmf) rather than jpeg or bmp. It'll look cleaner, because it will stay as a vector rather than a bitmap.

Inkscape is good. PowerPoint can be used for drawing, but drawings made in PPT are painful if you actually care about elegance or ease of building anything complicated.

Having spent the better part of the last 2 weeks trying to clean up PPT-created drawings for an NIH grant submission, I am speaking from painful experience here. Stay away from the MS Office drawing tools. That way lies madness.
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