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I need Halloween costume ideas for myself (plus baby bump), my husband, and my 2 year old, and preferably ones I can do on the more homemade side of things, though I am not opposed to buying some accessories, I just don't want to buy a pre-made costume if possible.

Halloween is rapidly approaching and I realized the other day that I have no plan for our family costuming. We generally like to go as a theme, because it's more fun. Last year we were the stereotypical monster movie 50's couple, and our then 1 year old was a mashup of monsters (frankenstein, a mummy, a skeleton, and big foot). The year before we were a pirate, a ninja, and a baby cowboy. Pre-baby years we've been characters from Firefly, X-men, etc.

This year we've just had little to no ideas. I thought about being 2 firemen and a fire, and Curious George + man with the yellow hat (this was ruled out because a friend did it last year). My making of costume skills are not great, but I can probably follow a pattern and I have a sewing machine. Whatever we are has to accomodate a medium sized baby bump as well, so sexy anythings are pretty much right out, though the baby bump does not need to be highlighted.

Any ideas would be helpful to get the creative juices flowing!
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Can you tell us some of your two year-old's interests/obsessions? Might help narrow the field (and make it even more fun for him/her).
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One of the cutest family Halloween costumes I've seen floating around on Pinterest has been for the makings of Smores. Two adults as graham crackers then the kids are a marshmallow and a chocolate bar.

You could potentially modify that so that your bump is the marshmallow, and already stuck to you? Instructions here - http://family.go.com/2008-halloween-costume-contest/costumes/s-mores--a-real-family-treat-2499/
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Completely random, but luchadors?
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Two of the best preggo costumes I've seen are this and this.

And for once you have the kid, this.
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Please be Hans Solo and Princess Leia and dress the little on up like Yoda.

At times is seems like this costume is my most compelling reason to start having babies.
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Mario, Luigi, Toad.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme:

Baby bump: Krang (brain form)
You: Krang's exo-suit
Husband: Shredder
Kid: Foot Clan ninja (generic ninja costume with hood and eye slits and some sort of colored sash or belt)

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I don't know that I could pull off leia hair, my hair is very short, but that is tempting.

2 year old is sort of standard 2 year old boy. Car, trucks, construction equipment, firefighters, animals (spiders, dragons, dogs, monkeys, and bears are his favorites) are all favorites, along with cooking, books (he loves books, of pretty much every kind, and alternates which are his favorites every could days), and sticks.

Parents are fairly standard geeks, so anything there will work, but not a requirement.

Luchadores is a snazzy idea, but I don't know if I can pull of that fancy-ness with my skills.

Mario characters were done by another friend last year as well, unfortunately.
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Be billiards. You dress in all green, but the baby bump part of your shirt is decorated as a pool ball. Your husband can be a cue stick, or maybe the triangle (rack). And then you can dress the 2-year-old up with a little green pool visor, some suspenders and a little collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up and he is the Pool Shark.
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One of my favorite parent/child combos was a friend of mine who dressed up as the Empire State Building and his (then 2 yr old) son was King Kong. As he carried his son around is looked like the pictures of King Kong climbing the ESB.
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Fireman, firewoman, Dalmatian?
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Zombies! I was actually just brainstorming costume ideas with a pregnant friend. You could glue a doll hand to your stomache, slash up a shirt and throw some fake blood on there, and it will look like your zombie baby is clawing its way out of you. Though that might be freak out your toddler son... Costumes and makeup are pretty easy for zombies all around.
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Well, I could give you the idea of Cat in the Hat, but it might involve your son's best friend to go as Thing 1 and Thing 2 ;)
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You dress up as a basketball hoop, use the bump as the basket ball. Kid is a basketball player, and husband is a ref.
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Jozxyqk, that would require more costumes, we'd need another 3 other adult costumes to go with, or to just steal your son for the day I guess, and one other adult costume.
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Fans of Game of Thrones? Pregnant Daenyris, Khal Drogo, and, because why not, your son as Tyrion Lannister.
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You could all be Yip-Yips!
Here is an Instructable.
Warm, fuzzy, comfortable, and loose so it accommodates a baby bump.
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Well, there are Leai buns on a headband, not that I'm pushy or anything. :)

There's also you & your husband as lion tamers with the little one dressed up like a lion. Or Scully and Mulder, with the kiddo as a little alien. Or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with your son as...a son, with a gaggle of dolls or something.

Ooh, or Homer & Marge with Bart in tow and Lisa on the way!
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The old classic pregnant nun and a priest with a bonus: the two-year old archbishop.
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The menfolk can be Ghostbusters and you can be Slimer.
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A good parent/kid costume I saw a few years ago was Man With The Yellow Hat and Curious George. Pretty easy to find a monkey costume for a kid, at least.

A good "baby bump" idea I saw (possibly here) was you dress in basketball shorts, sneakers, and a basketball jersey, but around where the bump is. You color up the bump to look like a basketball. Then you can walk around making it look like you are holding the ball.
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but [cut] around where the bump is
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If you can borrow a blonde friend, or slap a blonde wig on a friend, be Goldilocks and the Three Bears! With a pretty minimal amount of fake fur fabric attached to brown clothes, you could "suggest" bear-ness. Someone carry a pillow, someone carry some porridge/snacks and someone carry the baby bear.
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At first I thought you could go as a trio of pumpkins; that baby bump would fit comfortably..... but!!! forgive me, but now I've got this absolutely silly picture of your family in my mind:

Toddler katers890 as Cinderella going to the ball.
Mr. katers890 as either a coachman (coachman's uniform plus mouse head, since if I recall the fairy godmother made the coachmen from mice) OR Prince Charming.

and here's where I am deeply, DEEPLY in need of forgiveness: the fairy godmother made the coach out of a pumpkin, right? You and the baby bump as a pumpkin partially turned into a coach? (Think a pumpkin outfit plus a couple wheels, maybe an outline of a door, lots of glitter.)

(I'm going to hell, yes indeed I am......)
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(And I see that Toddler katers890 is a boy, which is what makes Cinderella extra funny)
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Please do the pregnant zombie woman. Please!

I think I need help, because that is the funniest thing I've seen in ages.
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Elvises! Oh, Elvises! I have regretted forever that I didn't get my act together to dress up as fat Elvis for Hallowe'en the year I was pregnant.

I mean, COME ON!
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Cheapest costumes evar and really cute:

Toddler katers is dressed in overalls, plaid shirt, straw hat, and boots and carrying a small rake. Ma and Pa katers are wearing large black plastic Hefty bags with the ties done up around the neck and fake autumn leaves poking out and in their hair.
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Okay, that's it: looli wins 5 kajillion internets. A family of Elvises (Elvi?): Young Elvis is Toddler katers of course, Mr. katers and you are Skinny Elvis and (sorry!) Fat Elvis.
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These are all fantastic and are all up for contention and dependent on what I can pull off and what the toddler is willing to wear, currently if you ask him what he wants to be he screams, "FIRETRUCK!", but then again, he says that to most things he doesn't answer "FARMER'S MARKET!" (I have a weird kiddo, I like it that way).
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