Cheap but Quality M.S Finance Program in Europe
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Looking for "cheap" but high quality masters/finance program in Europe(preferably), that has an emphasis on hedgefunds/quant/derivatives/trading and is taught in English.

Switzerland or Germany is a +

I'm only willing to get the Master's if it is (relatively, compared to good US grad schools) cheap. I would really kill for an excuse to get into Switzerland and start living there and possibly working. The more comprehensive the list though, the better.
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Have you considered doing the course online with University of London External?
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I think you want to ask mutant about this, if he's not already typing up his answer.
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Erasmus University Rotterdam is considered one of the best universities in the Netherlands (a country that has a major role in the history of banking).

They have many M. S. courses that fit your criteria (taught almost exclusively in English), all provided by one of Europe's top-ten management departments (according to the Financial Times).

It's not Germany or Switzerland, but it's a major player in financial and political Europe, and well-placed for travel around Europe.
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For Switzerland the place that springs to mind is the University of St Gallen - it says on this page that they have 5 Master's degrees offered in English. I have no idea how much the course itself costs, but living in Switzerland in any case is not cheap. I am not sure that you are paid as a Master's student (you would be as a PhD).
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Response by poster: Thanks, these are good suggestions, how difficult are these to get into?

I've been looking at ETH in Switzerland, i don't think my GPA is good enough even though I graduated from a top 40 u.s. school
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