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Whovians: What are the essential non-TV series Doctor Who stories? Best novels, TV series novelizations, radio dramas, etc?
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Seeds of Doom was always my favorite.
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Orbis is probably my favorite of the New 8th Doc adventures, though it's a good idea to have some sense of the previous seasons to understand his shifting relationship with Lucie Miller and why it's so tragic when he doesn't remember her.

Also, I previously asked about the novels, which may be helpful.
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My favorite novels are:

The Clockwise Man - Nine/Rose (because you can never get enough of Nine)

Shining Darkness - Ten/Donna (love this one b/c the author captures Donna so well)

The Glamour Chase - Eleven/Rory/Amy (this one gives a lot more depth to Rory's character than the series does, in my opinion)
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I haven't heard it myself, but I know the Five/Nyssa audio Spare Parts is heavily recommended.
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I really enjoyed the Timewyrm novels (there are four of them, comprising a complete story arc for the seventh doctor and Ace). There are two series of short story books out there - Decalog and Short Trips. I enjoyed the first Decalog quite a bit, and was sort of "meh" about Short Trips, but there are gosh tons of them out there and I'm sure the quality of stories varies wildly. Both of those are good sources for extra Who stuff.
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Nthing the absolutely fantastic Spare Parts - It's Genesis of the Daleks for cybermen.
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Oh, and you want to pick up a collection of the John Wagner/Pat Mills comicbook Who.
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Nthing Spare Parts - really really excellent.

Also, try and pick up some of the Six/Eveleyn stories, such as Project: Lazarus. She is a middle aged history professor and a great companion for Six: much better than any of his on-screen pairings with young women.
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All-Consuming Fire was the New Adventures book I enjoyed the most. It's actually a Sherlock Holmes book as much as a Seventh Doctor story. Watson relates how Holmes and the Doctor teamed up to defeat a Lovecraftian evil. Yes, it's fanwank of the highest order, but very well written, featuring one of the best portrayals of Mycroft I've come across.

Also The Chimes of Midnight (Eighth Doctor audio) gets consistently good reviews, as does Lawrence Miles' Alien Bodies (Eighth Doctor novel). I've got both somewhere but haven't got round to reading/listening to them yet.
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Human Nature is not only the basis of the amazing 2nd-season episodes "Human Nature" and "Family of Blood," but it's also available for free with a bunch of other Who books at various e-book repositories,
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I'm a big fan of Relative Dimensions - essentially, the Eight Doctor's Christmas episode.

If you're nostalgic for the Tom Baker years, I think you will LOVE the five-part "Demon Quest."

Finally, I really enjoyed a very early Big Picture audio called Phantasmagoria, notable for being an early Who story from the pen of Mark Gatiss (who wrote last week's excellent "Night Terrors" episode, and is the show runner for Sherlock).
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Forgot to mention - Tony Lee has been doing some fantastic stuff with the Who comic books in recent years.

And you definitely should get the six recent reprints of the first Who novels - I just got my copies and they are lovely.
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I particularly enjoyed the recent Big Finish audio drama 'A Death in the Family' - it's a Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex adventure which not only has a fantastic villain but packs a big emotional punch too. 'Night Thoughts' from the same series is also enjoyable, and rather creepy.
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The Chimes at Midnight is an excellent audio drama. The Eighth Doctor acquits himself extremely well throughout his audio run.

Jubilee is very good as well, and it features the Sixth Doctor acquitting himself well. I also confess to having liked the Sixth Doctor audio drama about pirates, although I guess it's not really "essential" in any sense of that term.

I'm also a big fan of the comics by Grant Morrison and Steve Parkhouse. "Changes" and "Once Upon a Time Lord" are both very entertaining.
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