iPad sync with Exchange Public Calendar
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Hi Everyone Our iPads synced with Exchange 2003. We can send email etc. The Global address list and Company calendar (in the public folder) are not working. Any way to do that with the current version of IOS? Or will IOS 5 do the trick. Thanks! BB
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Can you explain what you mean by "not working?" I don't know about public calendars, but you should be able to access the global address list in iOS 4 simply by searching in the Contacts app.
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We cannot see the Public Calendar on the iPad. I will check the Contacts app
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Activesync for Exchange 2003 can be a bit wonky. Have you asked your IT guys to check on this?
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I have an ipad and I administer our Exchange 2003 server. From what I can tell the only calendar that gets synchronized is the personal calendar. Our shared calendars don't show up and I don't see any way to make them show up. All I can do is confirm the situation for you but I'm also keen to know ways to make it work.
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