Please help me find a previous mefi discussion on the non-freakishness of non-use of social media
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Please help me find a previous mefi/askmefi discussion on not using social media

It started mid-thread I believe and I'm not sure which part of the site it was on...might have been talk as well...would have been at least a couple of years ago I believe where someone explained why they were against someone saying you absolutely have to be on facebook (or other social media) or someone looking down on someone because they weren't using these tools or seeing them as a luddite.

The person commenting, as an example, wasn't opposed to social media just it did not suit them and how they interact with their friends so was just as normal and not a rejection of the future...I recall it as a good discussion....with varied points of view expressed.

I am looking for it because I am seen as an advocate for the use of social media in my workplace and I would like to point to that discussion to express that I appreciate it's non-use as well and believe that previous thread put it way more eloquently than I could.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Yup, this kind of question goes in MetaTalk. -- restless_nomad

This type of thing goes to MetaTalk.
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Response by poster: Happy to post it in metatalk...if appropriate...not looking to discuss the posts in particular just seeking to find them again if that makes sense and hoping someone recalls it and/or faved it
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Yeah, generally questions like "where is this MeFi/AskMe/MeTa thread about x that I remember reading?" should be posted in MetaTalk, not AskMe.
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Response by poster: thanks for that mkb and for confirmation EndsofInvention.
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