Will that online voiceover clearinghouse get me work?
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I'm already on the radio (public radio--and yes, I do sound like that)--now I'd like to get into doing some voiceover work. I live in a remote area, so getting an agent and going to auditions isn't likely to work for me. I'd just like to do some work on the side, and technologically I'm set up. So what I'm wondering is, has anyone used online marketplaces like voice123 or voices.com? Is one better/worse than the other? Are they worth the (small but not non-existent) investment to be a "premium" member?

Again, I'm comfortable with my skills and putting together a demo (although if you're established and have any advice I'm happy to take it).

I'm not looking for a career as a voice actor or anything more glamorous than saying the word 'three' 600 times or the like. Just a little something on the side of my more permanent career.

I've looked at the other questions on ask about this--my question is very specific to the whole online marketplace thing. Is it likely to get me work?
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The one time I had to hire a voiceover artist, the production company I was working with suggested I use either voice123 or voices.com, so I think they're considered a standard way to go. I found I got more and better responses on voice123, but they were both helpful. No idea about the premium membership - I hope you'll get some responses from people who have worked as voice actors!
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I'll give my opinion from the client side. I do regional television production, and we have VOs recorded for :15-2:00 commercials several times per week. Unfortunately because of our budget level for these local spots, even the $300 suggested rate by voices.com is far too high (as in almost half what we charge in total production for a local HD :30 spot). That being said, we regularly use a company called Speedy Spots, for their very low rates and amazing customer service ($50 per :30 spot, turnaround in 2 - 24 hours). The only reason I bring them up is they deal with a relatively small number of voice talents, so you might have a better chance on a small but established site. I believe it is just one of many sources the voice talents use, but might be worth checking out.

I haven't used either of the two sites mentioned, but there definitely seem to be some complaints out there, valid or not. I'm also a little wary when the first three suggested searches on Google for Voices123 were "scam", "review", and "complaint".

Outside of the online marketplace, please MeMail me a sample reel when you get one put together!
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My boyfriend has been a radio DJ since the mid 70's, so he has lots of experience. He's had a profile on Voices123 for the 5+ years we've been together and I think for a few years before that. And he's never gotten a single bit of work from it. He actually asked to have his info removed a few years ago, but they didn't do it. So whatever their membership claims are, take it with a grain of salt.
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