Apple Dev Intel specs
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I am trying to hunt down some detailed technical specifications for the ApTel "developer's" box. I can't find this on any of the rumor sites or the official apple site.
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Apple isn't being specific, although they will probably have a configuration much like the one Steve demoed on. The boxes haven't shipped yet so it's impossible to know for sure.
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It's true that they haven't shipped yet, but there are several labs full of them on-site at WWDC. (No, I don't have access.)

Were you just curious, or are you trying to figure out whether you should get one? If the latter, keep in mind that they're loaners only, Apple wants them back by Dec 2006.
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Developer transition kit - 3.64Ghz P4, for select and premier developers $999.
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And here's a link from versiontracker:
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There haven't been any detailed specs posted anywhere I've seen. There was a blog posting I saw that claimed it was a standard Power Mac G5 motherboard (complete with Apple's U3H northbridge), but that's about it (no link, sorry).
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Thanks. What I really want is a full tech specs list. ECC memory? Bus speed? Drive bays?
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Details here. I don't think they're indicative of what Apple might ship next year, if that's what you're after.
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