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Watch this video of Laura Glaess's Charleston routine from NEGJ 2010 and check out the hip pop to the side she does at 0:19. The way she does it reminds me of an older cartoon clip, but which one?

I know it's vague and there are probably a hundred "Merrie Melodies" that fit, but I have a specific mental image. I'm thinking of a black & white cartoon of a cow playing a banjo, and it's doing that cartoon thing where the head and feet are rooted in place while the hips exaggeratedly move from side to side.

As a bonus, I'm convinced the clip is seen in a Futurama opening where the Planet Express ship crashes into the video screen. Some quick Googling has led me to think there's no list of those clips anywhere, but that can't be true in a world where it's so easy to find Simpsons couch gags, Bart's blackboard writings, and Futurama opening tag lines.
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As it clearly isn't Jerry dancing, you probably have to dig through Disney's silly symphonies for a match. Most of those are B/W.
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Not so much cow with banjo, but it looks to me like something from Swing Shift Cinderella or Red Hot Riding Hood.
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How about somewhere on this list?
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Is it Clarabelle Cow? I don't see her playing the banjo, however.
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If you found it could you please tell us what it is?
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Green With You: Your answer got marked as best because you provided the list that I could not find. (Even though I'd seen it before. I neglected to mention that in my frustration at somehow not being able to find it again.)

Unfortunately, I've been busy and haven't had time to go through and check the clips. And it'll take more time/effort this time around because I no longer have the Futurama DVD sets (as I did in early 2010 when I first saw the routine and had this thought).
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