Where can I get a list of all the songs that appeared in the "Now That's What I Call Music" series?
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I'd like to get hold of a long list of all the songs that have been on the "Now That's What I Call Music" music compilation (from number 1 right up to the current 79). Is that possible and, if so, how?

I'm not interested in the compilation that the song was in or the year or really anything else - but I would like (at the very least) the name of the song and the artist.

I appreciate that some songs were repeated over the entire collection and, as such, I don't mind if there are duplicates. The ordering of this list also doesn't matter. I plan to run the data through a (self-written) script so, in an ideal world, it should be in an easily parse-able format - however I'm prepared to compromise.

I could download the FreeDB database and parse that, but it's a fair bit of work as I'd have to look through all the CDs they have on record to find the albums I want. Lots of Google results indicate that www.nowmusic.com contains a full list, but that site no longer does.

Can anyone suggest an easier and quicker way to get this information?

(in case you're wondering, I plan to examine all the songs in my own music collection against those in the Now collection and create a new album which contains, if you like, what I consider to be "the best of Now")
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Best answer: Sorry...Didn't see that you wanted the UK list.
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Response by poster: Wikipedia looks easier than FreeDB although it does mean I have to download 70 odd pages, ignore some of the gaps and cope with a couple of different formatting styles.

If there are any other alternative options, then please let me know.
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Related interest: The AV Club reviewed every album. Each album review does have the track list.
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The AV Club reviewed the US albums, mind. These started much later than the UK ones, which have been running since 1983 (IIRC)
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Best answer: Discogs has a collection page for the UK series, and the Discogs API is free for all. I don't know enough about the DB side of Discogs to tell you more, but I think there are folks on the Discogs forums who do.

Also, have you tried browsing nowmusic.com on the Wayback Machine?
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If you're a Spotify user you might find this helpful: each and every UK Now compilation as a Spotify playlist.
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