If I don't figure this oue soon I won't be able to see it anyway
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Idea(s) for a tattoo: Stories, myths, folklore, symbols/icons, quotes, lyrics, that deal with blindness or feature blind characters. In the case of a quote, it doesn't necessarily have to be by an actual blind person.

Ok, so I've got an eye condition that will eventually render me almost completely blind (Retinitis pigmentosa, for anyone interested), and I'd like to somehow incorporate that fact into my next tattoo. I just don't know exactly how. I'm open to any ideas really, from something extremely simple to really elaborate.

My first idea was to find something in Japanese folklore related to the blind that I could use to design a traditional irezumi style half-sleeve, but the farthest I got was the Wikipedia article about the Tōdōza and Zatoichi, so if anyone could provide some more info in that direction in particular, that'd be great.
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Response by poster: Out. Figure this out soon. Oops.
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Sorry if this is a bit glib, but maybe Daredevil from Spider-Man?

There's that Arctic Monkeys lyric 'Love's not blind its deaf'
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er, Daredevil from Marvel Comics.
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It's all about the Borges / Milton / Homer / Blind Blake / Blind Gary Davis combo. Well, it would be for me. But I'm the guy who'd be in a Twilight Zone episode as a bibliophile and break his glasses.
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Blind as a bat comes to mind
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Response by poster: Eh, I don't think I know enough about Daredevil to get anything related to him tattooed on myself. I'd feel like a poseur. And I'm not really a fan of Arctic Monkeys either.
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Well Odin wasn't blind but he did sacrifice an eye to drink from the Well of Wisdom.
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For quotes, I'd look at Saramago's Blindness. Not sure what reading the book would be like if I knew I was going blind, but there are lines in the book that will stick with you.
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Paul Atreides from Dune.
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Blinded By The Light
one of the classic posters for X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes

another poster
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Well Odin wasn't blind but he did sacrifice an eye to drink from the Well of Wisdom.

Hodur was blind -- Loki tricked him into shooting his otherwise-invincible brother Baldr with the one plant which could kill him.
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Lots of people get dragons - what about taking creative license on that theme and getting a gnarly looking basilisk?
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Braille tattoos?
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"To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable. " ~ John Milton
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Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender. blind and badass

a bat, though they're not technically blind.
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“But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart. (Mais les yeux sont aveugles. Il faut chercher avec le cœur.)”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

“I think we are blind. Blind people who can see, but do not see.”
― José Saramago

“I walked 500 miles just to see a halo, when I opened my eyes I was blind as can be.”
― Tom Waits

“Blindness is a private matter between a person and the eyes with which he or she was born.”
― José Saramago, Blindness

“Blind is not the situation when people cannot see others but when people fail to feel or sense the existence of others”
― Millie Huang

“Pale blind diver, luckless slinger, lost discoverer, in you everything sank!”
― Pablo Neruda

Source. There are many, many more, but I tried to choose only those that described physical blindness.
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If I were you, I'd get Ἥφαιστος . Hephaestus can be a powerful ally.
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Tiresias, the blind (hermaphrodite) seer.

The disembodied VISOR of Geordi La Forge.

"my light is spent", a familiar but decontextualized line from John Milton's "On His Blindness".

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Or combine them -- Tiresias, clad in tunic and cloak and leaning on his gnarled stick, but unexplainedly wearing Geordi's VISOR.
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"Living is easy with eyes closed"
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Buddha eyes, maybe on your back -- one on each shoulder blade?
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You could get a Rutger Hauer Blind Fury tattoo, with him holding katana sword. Or YOU holding a katana sword.
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Yep, Tiresias, the blind prophet who appears in Oedipus Rex and is, ironically, the only character in the play who is able to see things as they really are.

As foursentences mentions above, Tiresias is also known for having whacked two mating snakes on the head with his staff. The snakes were actually deities in disguise, so as punishment, they turned Tiresias into a woman. He later became a man once again, and was called upon by Zeus and Hera to settle an argument between them: who derives more pleasure from sex, men or women? Zeus claimed women, Hera claimed men - Tiresias agreed with Zeus that women had it better, so Hera punished him with blindness. Zeus couldn't stop her, but softened the blow by gifting him with foresight and a long life.

Love that little story, it has always reminded me that vision is not the only way to see.
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There are the group of blind men trying to describe an elephant by touch. Could be a great image, plus it implicitly means "make no assumptions."

Or three blind mice, because mice in shades always look cool

quote: "In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king" [In regione caecorum rex est luscus.] -- Desiderius Erasmus
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Maybe something exceptionally simple, like the outward curves that represent sonar waves? I think it'd be kind of cool, minimalist, and also underscore the idea that your other senses may be heightened with the loss of others.
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Do you have a personal motto that has led you through life? Instead of your tattoo being about visual impairment, you could have your life motto inked in using braille. Not necessarily the raised bumps mentioned above, but in ink instead. That leaves you with a much wider scope, just interpreting into a different language.
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The blind boy and the loon, an Inuit story.
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I'd get a raised scarification in the shape of an iris so you can still feel it with your fingers long after the vision has faded. It will be filled with blood, just as your retina. A dark adaptation of the eye. Iris is the twin of Hermes, I believe. The goddess of hope.
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I think the three blind mice would be a cool tattoo. You could have them walking up your arm or across your back or something, maybe "stumbling" into a mole or something. It would be cute.

There's also the character Kay from the Fables graphic novels who sees the bad in people so he routinely gouges his eyes out. He's based on a character in a Hans Christen Anderson story called "The Snow Queen."
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There's loads of fascinating imagery and symbolism in both the left and right versions of the Eye of Horus, or Wadjet.
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in case you like creepy tattoos:
The Corinthian from the Sandman series - has teeth where his eyes should be.
The Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth - carries his eyeballs in his hands.
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