converting VHS tapes to DVD using combo units?
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I am thinking converting bunch of VHS tapes recorded in LP format to DVDs. These are 6 hr tapes I think. I was looking at the option of those combo units that come with the DVD recorder and VCR units. I was wondering if somebody can tell me how do these units deal with 6+ hr long video tapes ? do they automatically break the content up into separate DVDs or can they compress the content enough to fit into one DVD ? thanks
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Not sure about the combo units, but most standalone DVD units will record low quality video at 6 hrs on one DVD. Even the extremely cheap nasty ones can do this.

When I say low quality, we're talking Video-CD quality. A bit less than VHS at EP.
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Most units have the ability to select among a few quality options. Best quality will get you 1 hr, SP (standard) will give you 2, and some have "Crap" and "Grind" settings which will get you 4 and 6 hours of terrible video, respectively.

And don't buy Sony. Sharp, Pioneer, and Panasonic make good decks.
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