Non-fastfood off of the turnpike?
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Driving from NYC to DC tomorrow night, looking for food options that are not fastfood at the rest stops along the NJTP or 95. Any good spots that don't involve serious detours? The catch: must have a vegetarian friendly menu.

We'll be leaving Manhattan at 6:30 and want to keep up the pace so we don't get to DC (well, Bethesda really) too late. My lady-friend is vegetarian, so if there were a vegetarian restaurant not too far off the highways that would be perfect. In essence I don't want to go more than about 10 minutes from the main route to find something.
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The rest stops along NJTP are all basically shilling out the crap-tastic Burger King and Cinnabun horsecrap, but the Delaware stop is a. a lot nicer, and b. has a few more options. Although, it's still fast food, there's a Baja Fresh and Brioche Doree, so it's a little better.
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Yeah I was basically going to write by General Malaise did. That's a tough strip for eating anything good. I'd probably get something quick in Manhattan before you leave.
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Best answer: My family always used to stop at the Golden Castle diner by Wilmington. It's in Delaware, about halfway through the trip, so a good stopping point. It's about 3-5 mins off of I-95, Exit 8B.

It's a diner, so it's not terribly healthy, but it's pretty fast, they should have vegetarian options, and it's nice to get out of the car/rest stop parts for a bit.
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Best answer: We make that drive several times a year, and always try to stop at Baba's Kitchen in Baltimore. Just a bit farther off the highway than a rest stop and it's good and affordable and has some excellent vegetarian options.
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Best answer: Veggie Heaven, in Teaneck NJ. 7 minutes off 95. Rated 2nd best vegetarian restaurant in Bergen County.
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Best answer: Get off the turnpike at Exit 2. Be confused that you got off the turnpike and feel like you're in the middle of nowhere. Go to Vesuvio's Pizzeria in Swedesboro, a couple miles off the turnpike. (Link goes to google maps.) Also has ice cream. If you stand behind the place and peer through the woods you might be able to see my parents' house.
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I live in Baltimore and didn't know about Baba's Kitchen. It's only about 3 minutes off 95 once you take the Key Highway exit, which is the first one after the Fort Mc Henry tunnel.
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Best answer: Jose Tejas in Woodbridge, N.J., seems to fit your description.
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Response by poster: Thanks Everyone. This time on the way down we stopped in at Jose Tejas - the vegetarian fajitas seemed particularly enticing. It fit the bill nicely. We're excited to try the other marked answers on subsequent trips.
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