what sites collect webcam images from around the world?
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webcam filter: looking for suggestions about websites that provide access to webcam images from around the world.

So, within the past few weeks it appears that www.webcamvue.com has gone under (the URL is now up for sale), which is a bummer since I'd enjoyed that site quite a bit for its large number of cams from around the world, high-quality moving and still images, and easy-to-maneuver interface. But, alas, 'tis no more.

So, now I'm seeking alternatives to get my fix of more-or-less random images of everyday life from around the world (my traffic circle in Reykjavík or the wire factory warehouse in Accra, etc.). Nothing too fancy, but the three criteria above seem necessary. Thus far, I'm aware of sites like 123webcam.com (clunky interface to click through and not so many cams), earthcam.com (pretty cluttered interface and I still can't figure out how to a list of all the cams in a given country, even though there's a big world map with flags displayed), and opentopia.com (pretty small number of cams, it feels like).

Anyway, what options would you all recommend? Bit surprising to find that the most recent question on this matter goes back over five years (unless I'm missing something obvious in the archive). FWIW, not looking for person-to-person webcam interaction, just one-way still or streaming images from public places or private ones with an ongoing hook-up (security cams, office cams, weather cams, etc.).
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Webbkameror is a Swedish site. Some of my favorites.
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There are webcams other than this one?

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If you happen to own an iOS device, there is an app called "Live Cams" that is just phenomenal and beats those webcam-list websites by a long shot. You can search the world, bookmark streams, and control cameras. I much prefer it to the old in-browser way.
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circular, thanks! That's awesome! (sorry to add nothing of value)
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