Can I get prescription lenses put into New Wayfarers?
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I just got a pair of Ray-Ban New Wayfarers (RB2132), and I want to put prescription lenses in them. Is it possible?

I know Ray-Ban makes specific frames for prescriptions, but I got these frames from a points program so they were (kind of) free, but I didn't get much choice.

I'm meeting with my optician to update my eye exam in two weeks, but will I be able to get prescription lenses put into them?

If I'm able to get it done, will I be able to still keep the original lenses in case I ever get laser eye surgery?
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Best answer: I have done exactly what you propose. Exactly (points and all). No problem.
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Best answer: I too have done exactly this. Exactly. Points and all here, too. Worked like a charm.

I did not think to request the original lenses back, but I would imagine it would be possible.
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I haven't gotten those frames in prescription, but I have always gotten the original lenses back when I've had prescription lenses put in other frames.
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Best answer: I wear prescription sunglasses. I think the answer is "most likely" but it will depend on a couple of things. Every place I've spoken to about refitting frames with prescription lenses has wanted to look at the frames before they gave me an answer, and they've all given me a verbal or written disclaimer about it potentially not working out, or damaging the frames (that's never happened though).

It will also depend somewhat on your prescription, my very high one limits the frames I can have because they need enough heft to support the lenses and the amount of curve needs to be roughly compatible. Most likely you wouldn't be able to get lenses put into crazy wrap-around Oakleys or something, but those look promising. If your prescription is very high the lenses will be very thick at the edge - if you usually wear smaller glasses they might surprise you.

I have found that it can be worth shopping around for lens options too. Different places have access to different technologies in terms of what the lenses are made from (ie how thick they are) and how dark they are. I found a place that could actually gradient my lenses, which looked awesome, but they had trouble getting them dark enough at the top. You may be able to get them really dark or mirrored if you find a good place, but be careful you're not just getting some kind of tint that's not up to sunglasses and just looks like a tint.

I would be surprised if they didn't give you back the original lenses, they won't be harmed in the process, but you should probably let them know you want them anyway.
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I'm wearing my prescription Ray Bans right now. A good optician can put prescription lenses in a massive variety of frames. Heck, a bad optician can do it too. You can choose just about any tint, too -- G15 is my particular brand of vodka.
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I had mine done through Ray Ban. They weren't cheap but I was willing to pay the extra to still have the logo on the lens. I imagine they would of sent the old lenses back if I would have thought to ask.
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Its sure worth a shot.

The only place you might run into trouble is if you have a strong prescription. Any lens will get thicker as it moves from the center outwards. Wayfarers are pretty large. That means you might need to stick a pretty thick piece of lens into a frame that might not have room for it, or opt for more expensive lenses.

Even if you have some extra curvature of lens stick out the back (towards your face) it'll be hardly noticeable in a tint that matches your frames.
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