Here come the warm jets.
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Feed me machine-sounding music that makes a nice, warm, vibraty feeling go all through my guttiwuts. The exact qualities I'm looking for are rumbly, fuzzy, and enveloping. The piece should not be overtly morose or threatening. Think "listening to the hypnotic sound of warm clothes tumbling in the dryer late at night."

Some examples of what I'm looking for:
  • Instrument 1 by Fennesz (from the noisy and repetitive end of my spectrum)
  • The Belldog off Eno & Cluster's After the Heat (featuring that fuzzy middle-period Eno noise)
  • Kohr-Ah theme from Star Control II (warning: gross blinking)
They are all quite different, but share the crucial quality I'm looking for.

What I am not looking for:I appreciate your suggestions.
posted by Nomyte to Media & Arts (47 answers total) 80 users marked this as a favorite may enjoy the SOUNDsculptures youtube channel. It's a bunch of videos of a person doing things that make noise. There was one recently of a hairdryer that seems like it might be right up your alley. (In the warm machiney noise kind of way, not in the musical way.)

Your little vibraty feeling in your guttiwuts might be the ASMR thing. I don't get it myself, but apparently it's all the rage.
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The first thing that springs to my mind is the full length version OMD's old b-side 66 and Fading. Caveat: some people think this is sorrowful but I just find it kind of end-of-the-day relaxing/uplifting in exactly the way you describe, but I'm weird like that...
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Best answer: Hard but good question.

Nobukazu Takemura - Icefall? (Great track whether it fits criteria or not!)

Maybe ... Casino vs Japan - Go Japan?
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Best answer: I really like the Gas album Nah Und Fern. It's my backgrounder music when I need absolutely nothing but a slow rumble in the back. There are a bunch of cuts on YouTube, made somewhat confusing by the fact that every sing is called Untitled. Here are some: 1, 2 and this one from the album Pop.. I'll poke the friend who sent these to me to see if he has other suggestions.
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I think you might like Rod Modell.
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It might be a bit too close to the sound of Uranium for your liking, but William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops popped into my head as a possible example of something that makes that feeling.

Here's an excerpt from the first loop.

And how about some Vladislav Delay? Try Raamat.
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Some less noisy Oval...
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Something Ryoji Ikeda maybe?
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These may be a little too obvious or melodic but ... Aphex Twin - Prep Gwarlek 3b and Nine Inch Nails - about half the songs from Ghosts I-IV.
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Best answer: ISO50's sleepy Aarnio Mix has warm sounds and gently hypnotic beats.

You might also like The Black Dog's response to Brian Eno: Music For Real Airports. It fits the bill for the most part, though there are some sullen moments.
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You want Lovesliescrushing and Back to the Future the Ride. Both are free downloads.
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Listen to Zoviet France. Specifically the album Monomishe (which is apparently available here). Even more specifically, the first track, which I can't seem to find anywhere online.

You'd also probably like other tracks in their catalog, as well as that of the spin-off Rapoon.

Lee Ranaldo's Slo Drone is probably right on as well. The original album was fantastic because it was a lock groove; the CD version sadly cuts off.

Finally, there's a chance that you might like Lustmord's Metastatic Resonance as well. More open and foreboding than your examples, but I think it has the same quality.
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Muslimgauze? Here's "Azzazin", as an example. They don't all sound like this. I acknowledge that some may have cacophonous elements I'm not remembering right now.
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Response by poster: Excellent! Thanks everyone who contributed so far. I have my favorites among the various linked things, but I'll refrain from marking best answers yet in hopes that more people will suggest stuff.

To be honest, I didn't expect the thread to tip so far in the direction of glitch and noise, but I'm not unhappy that it did.
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Some of Chris Clark meets this criteria. On Empty The Bones Of You, take a listen to "Betty", "Tyre", "Slow Spines", and "Indigo Optimus".
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the field
ulf lohmann

the kompakt pop ambient series is a good place to look for this sort of stuff.
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Best answer: sorry, here is the dettinger link, and a bonus ulf lohmann.
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The first song I thought of was Umbrella, by Dntel, although I think of that whole album as a warm glitchy-ness... See also Tamborello's other project, Figurine, although that gets pretty twee.

Tujiko Noriko has some fuzzy glitch stuff, but I find her stuff more desolating than warm.

And thanks for the interesting question. I think of it as train music. And I love train music.
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Boards Of Canada may be a bit obvious, but I'm still surprised they haven't been mentioned yet. They do some great warm enveloping fuzz. You wouldn't mistake any of it for Eno, but there's still a bit of a resemblance.
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your description of "a clothes dryer late at night" immediately brought Burial to mind.
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Pole would also meet your criteria. I liked "Pole 3" the best. I can't find previews for you to listen to, but you might search around.
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In case you didn't already know, basic channel.
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Best answer: Sam Prekop - The Silhouettes - maybe too arpeggio-nated but has a nice fuzzy haze on the bleeps.
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You could try Star's End on WXPN Sunday nights. Or Cryosleep.
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One song I love that really reminds me of what you're describing is "Shot in the Back of the Head" by Moby (it's especially good as the intensity and sound layering increase after the one-minute mark).
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Best answer: Mago - this is one of my favourite albums. there are 2 excerpts to listen to at that link.
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Best answer: I feel the genre that most closely resembles what you are looking for is called "drone."

Emeralds, from last year's album "Does it Look Like I'm Here?"

Some similar artists you may want to consider:

Oneohtrix Point Never and Mark McGuire.
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You'll probably like some of the gorgeous dub music that came out of Berlin in the '90s: Rhythm & Sound. Here's a track off an album they did with genius vocalist Tikiman: Never Tell You.
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Hm, tricky. I like how Radiohead manages to make their techy sound on Kid A warm and fuzzy, but it's so sad too, so I guess that's a nix. There's an album called by Goodnight Streetlight called Post-Meltdown Friend that might fit the bill in places ("Beauty Variables" and "Blue Lantern" maybe). Full disclosure: I've been Livejournal pals with the guy who is Goodnight Streetlight, and a bunch of the female guest vocalists he had sing on tha album, for years and years.
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There are loads of good suggestions for you here, particularly Zoviet France and Belong. I'll add The Fun Years 2010 album 'God was like, no'
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and maybe too glitchy, but the first couple breakthrough Notwist albums (stuff like Neon Golden) might work--there's a warm..."humanism" in both the lyrics and the feel of the music despite the mechanical rhythms and whatnot.
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Best answer: loscil, yes...

especially First Narrows

my sweetie calls this album the "sound of benevolent machines at work"
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You might really like SomaFM's Drone Zone channel. The style of music on display is so muted that it occasionally sounds lazy, but overall it's 24/7 pleasant beatless audio, occasionally interspersed with actual melodies :)

Projekt Records in NYC has a reputation for goth music, but they've always had some interesting ambient/shoegaze/lo-fi world music artists on their roster. Their compilations are a great place to start - Project 100 has some great songs by loveliescrushing (mentioned above by sleeping bear), O Yuki Conjugate, and soulwhirlingsomewhere that have a kind of meditative, entranced quality to them without being boring.

Here are some other examples of the sound I'm describing. I'm a huge fan of O Yuki Conjugate, which is a neat blend of tribal percussion, tape loops, and rudimentary electronics.

loveliescrushing - babysbreath
O Yuki Conjugate - Snake Charm
O Yuki Conjugate - Sunchemical
soulwhirlingsomewhere - I Dream We Are Blind

Also (not on Projekt), you might like some of Dead Voices on Air's output. They're related to Zoviet France (mentioned above by googly), and play with a variety of styles, some more experimental and ambient than others. They have a double-CD entitled 'Piss Frond' that's a good introduction to their sound, but here are some samples:

DVOA - Swan Flax
DVOA - G'eong Guma

Good luck with your music search!
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Response by poster: I already enjoy the following things: Oval, Basic Channel/Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound, Muslimgauze, the Field, and Harmonia/Cluster/Neu!

The Nobukazu Takemura track is genius, and I'm not a fan of Neon Golden.
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Belong's October Language album is perfect for this.
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Best answer: Múm put out some lovely stuff that might fit your bill: here are "I'm 9 Today" and "Smell Memory".
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Best answer: If you're digging Basic Channel/Maurizio/R&S, check out the answers to my previous question about finding stuff that sounds exactly like Maurizio.

And if you like Muslimgauze, then definitely check out Rapoon.
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Well, you already have Fennesz...

Four Tet
Octopus Project (some of it at any rate)
Bexar Bexar
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Make you own.
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gnutron: your description of "a clothes dryer late at night" immediately brought Burial to mind.

His self-titled debut album was more instrumental, more of that desolate urban feel, where the following material got more vocal additions.

Is early Boards of Canada out of the question? And in the same vein, Casino Versus Japan (sample upthread) and Christ. (the period is part of the name; sample 1, sample 2), and Ulrich Schnauss' solo work, though it might be to crisp for what you want.

Proem (Discogs) gets noisier, but still with that warmth. Bola (Discogs) also comes to mind. Browsing the Skam label, Gescom might also fit.
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Deathprod's work would probably fit the bill. I'm partial to the album Morals and Dogma--the track "Cloudchamber" makes me think "warm clothes tumbling in the dryer" pretty much instantaneously.
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Boards of Canada and some of M83.
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Best answer: Growing
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