Who delivers doughuts in Boston?
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I owe a colleague breakfast. Who will deliver a basket of breakfast goodies (bagels, doughnuts, or pastries) to an office in Weston, MA?
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Bakers' Best Catering in Newton will do it.
posted by Sal and Richard at 4:18 PM on September 13, 2011

Nothing would be more civil than delivering them yourself, if possible. Owing someone a meal means owing them your company.
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a gift certificate for a nice local breakfast place?
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I live in another state, so I can't deliver it AND I don't know what would be a nice local breakfast place. Suggestions?
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How about a delivery of Zabars or Wolferman's gift basket?

Otherwise, might want to call some doughnut shops in the Boston area. Here's a chowhound discussion on doughnuts. (Wow, they're serious about their doughnuts...might need to move there!)
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