shake a rock a row ban my space!
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I have an all cedar 3 seasons porch and now that the weather is turning fallish I'm looking for interesting and creative ways to utilize the's 10' x 12'. I also have a finished=eque basement that is being used for my office/sitting/extra room for guests that could use some low cost sprucing and more efficient space usage.
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How do you use the porch in the summer? How's it furnished? Could you add a patio heater and continue to use it through fall?
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I once visited a home where the unheated sunroom was made cozy by layering electric blankets on all the couches/chairs. Kept us warm enough to be comfortable, and we could still enjoy the view. Plus it felt a little like camping without the frostbite.
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Golden yes there is a patio heater so I do plan on using it through the fall...
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