How do I classify a new sales position?
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As an employer in WA state is it better for me to classify a new position as a independent contractor or as an 'outside salesperson'? How do I find out?

I am adding a new position to makes sales calls. The position definitely fits all the criteria for an 'outside salesperson', which means exempt from minimum wage and overtime pay. (commission based, from home, part time, etc).

I am having a draft contract agreement drawn up and my lawyer suggested that this position would be better classified as an independent contractor. From my working with ICs in the past it seems that the position would fill those requirements as well. What are the practical differences for me? How do i calculate which is best?
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Response by poster: What kind of control? (really)
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Response by poster: Thanks - I have been trying to think of practical differences, but in this case I just can't think of any. No uniforms, no required hours, etc., etc., etc. In the end I think I will want them NOT to be ICs because I don't want to force them to have to pay payroll taxes. Thanks for the feedback.
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