Lost my specs
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I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive optometrist in NYC, as I don't currently have vision coverage, any recommendations? I've checked this out on Brokelyn anyone specifically have experience with Luxeye?
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Do you have health insurance? Many health insurance plans cover a once-a-year eye exam with just a copay. (This, plus buying prescription eyeglasses online, has made vision coverage worthless to me.) I went to an optometrist in Brooklyn several years ago (similar to Lenscrafters) and spent $400 for glasses I could get online for $80.
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I went to Cohen's Optical because they had a super cheap exam sale (like 20$) but after plunking down my twenty bucks they told me they don't do complete exams, don't have the equipment and that they really just hand out perscriptions. I ended up going to Lenscrafters because it's a good idea to do the medical tests.

Lenscrafters in manhattan (at second ave and like 16 or so) was really pretty cheap at less than 90 and sometimes they offer groupons. I also buy my glasses online for under 50$ and have never had any problems.
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Here's a still-active Groupon for $50 for $125 at Union Sq. Eyecare. I can't vouch for the service/selection, however.
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(NB: Someone on MeFi mentioned that a lot of places will give you the Groupon deal if you just ask, without your even having to sign up/bring the coupon/etc. Might want to give that a shot before buying it.)
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Hey, yeah I went to Luxeye on Bedford and N 8th. Quick, easy to get an appointment, helpful, nice, about all you could want really.
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