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As a new convert to Getting Things Done, I want to incorporate the GTDTiddlyWiki into my Palm Tungsten T. In order to do that I need a web browser of some sort but can't seem to find one that is A.) free and B.) designed for the Palm. Any suggestions for an application I could download? Is this even possible?
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Your problem is much worse than needing a web browser. You need a web browser with decent support of CSS (yet cleverly adapted to work with, what is it, 160 pixels?) and Javascript. I'd be very surprised if someone had crammed all that into any PalmOS device.

There are many other Palm-based organizers people use for GTD. See the gtd-palm Yahoogroup.
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Yeah, this isn't going to work I'm afraid. GTDTiddlyWiki only works on a few browsers:
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Win IE 6
  • Camino
None of which are available for Palm.

I use Agendus to handle my Palm-based organisation. Or you could consider a server-side version of the wiki.
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This doesn't meet your criteria, but Note Studio is a nice solution for GTD and the Palm.
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nice link, ajr
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I like Palm's Blazer browser best. It came with my Treo but I think you can get an old version for your Tungsten T. Another good one is Xiino, but I'm afraid, as others have said, neither of them will run GTDTiddlyWiki or any other reasonably advanced web application.

The state of browsers on the Palm is abysmal. The latest Blazer is about as good as they get, and it won't even load and a few other popular sites. I would kill for a minimal Firefox / Mozilla port for the Palm.

You'd also need an Internet connection of some sort, which isn't all that easy on non-phone Palms. You can use Bluetooth or a modem cable to connect the Palm to your cellphone, but it's a pain in the neck and hardly the "always available" connection I need.
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I don't understand why you need GTDTiddlyWiki. I have years of experience using both the Palm and Wiki to manage tasks. I would think for many environments where GTD would be useful, you would be far more efficient just setting categories on your to-do items instead of making separate "action lists." Cause it's all about efficiency, right?

I use DateBk5 on my Palm, which I highly recommend. HandyShopper is also good for certain kinds of lists.
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