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How best to sync iCal and Google Calendar so that my laptop and Android device update one another?

I use the iCal client on my laptop, and have an Android mobile. I'm thinking making Google Calendar the intermediary is the logical next step, but am unsure of how (best) to do that. Suggestions and tutorials would be much appreciated.
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Since there's such a simple, definitive and prompt answer to your question courtesy of Horselover Phattie, I'll just chime in that I'm currently using iCal to show my personal google AND work entourage calendars, and they peacefully coexist nicely, and (thanks to google of course and activesync support from my employer) my android phone also shows both calendars' events combined in a nice way. I suggest you pursue your current course of action with no caveats.
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Response by poster: Afraid the Google Help Center instructions aren't working for me: iCal protests: "The calendar was not found on the server. Make sure the URL is correct."I've replaced my actual email address there, of course. Furthermore, I'd like to keep my existing calendars (Work, Social, Appointments, etc.) intact. How might I accomplish that?
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Is there a reason you're not using Google calendar on all your devices. I did the iCal/Google thing for a while, but eventually went to Google alone... it's been a piece of cake since then.
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Response by poster: Tried Horselover Phattie's linked instructions again, this time with success.

The difficulty of getting Google Calendar to mirror my iCal calendars remains, though. Must I necessarily create new calendars within my Google Calendar (from within iCal) and then use those exclusively from here on out?
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Best answer: Yes, if you set iCal to show your Google Calendars, you must use those calendars exclusively to remain in sync. I do exactly that and it works perfectly between iCal, GCal, and Android. I've found the menubar app Fantastical ($19.99) to be indispensable for quickly looking at my calendar/adding new events.

If you just want to sync and not access your GCal directly in iCal, you will have to spend money on a syncing program -- the standard one I usually see recommended is Spanning Sync ($25/year or $65 lifetime).
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Response by poster: Alright, sweet. Thanks for the answers, all.
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