Different home/away DNS servers
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My wireless router's DNS server is always kinda borked for some reason. Google's DNS works great. However, when I connect from campus, Google DNS doesn't work, but the campus DNS servers are fine with me. Is there any way I can tell my Windows 7 computer with one wireless adapter to use different settings for this depending on what wireless network I'm on? (The home DNS does return results, it just periodically starts thinking that Google is Yahoo, Sourceforge is Bing, other such weirdness.)
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What kind of router is it? Sounds like it has a DNS caching problem which may or may not have anything to do with your home DNS server.
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Your wireless router shouldn't act as a DNS -- it should be forwarding DNS requests to your service provider .. Is your ISP's DNS what's crappy ? If so, you can configure your router to use google's DNS (rather than your computer).

Your campus may, for various good reasons, not route external DNS requests.

It is probably possible to manually configure your machine to act differently on each one, but I'm not sure that's the correct solution.
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(yeah, when i said 'home dns server' i mean the isp's dns servers, which is what i'm sure the op meant)
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Are you taking your wireless router with you to school or using the school's wireless?
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If you're setting Google DNS on your WiFi adapter's TCP/IP settings and needing to turn if off every time you get to campus (so it pulls DNS from the DHCP server there), the fix isn't necessarily with Windows 7, it is within your router.

You should be able to set up your wireless router to use Google DNS and provide that to clients that connect to it via DHCP. When you connect at home you'll automatically use Google DNS, when you're on campus you'll use their DNS.
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Configure your router to push out Google's DNS servers to your laptop as part of DHCP.
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