Daily check-in emergency response service? Real or pony?
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I could have sworn I read a question about this recently, but I can't find it. Isn't there some kind of service (mostly for elderly, I believe) in which the person has to check in each day - and if the person doesn't check in, there's a response plan that goes into effect?

Maybe this was just something people were talking about wanting; the details are hazy. First the service tries to contact the person; but if no contact is made, there's a list of people who are called to address the situation. Ideally, I suppose, it's a neighbor or family member, but then the police/fire depts.

Is this a thing? I can't find the previous Ask thread, but I know the conversation was in the last few months.
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Are you thinking of something from this question, maybe?
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Are you thinking about Life Alert?
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Here's something like that.

There are probably lots more.
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It sounds like Telecross.
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Here are some links -

Medical Alert Systems Australia centric, but might give you the terminology you need?

Life Line

Medical Alarm (Wikipedia)

Medical Alert Devices (Australia)

So yes, real, these are just from some googling, no recommendations.
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Our local AARP chapter has a service where THEY call to check on people for free. Small town though. You might check with elder care agencies in your area.
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You're almost certainly thinking of the question from last month that phunniemee linked above, specifically jessamyn's answer.

As far as Life Alert, they are the most well known because of their ubiquitous commercials, but they have a bit of a reputation. In investigating 'panic button' services for my business partner last week after she found her elderly friend sleeping in his basement because he couldn't get back up the stairs I ran across these two articles:
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Response by poster: Thanks, phunnimee. I don't know why I couldn't find it. Googling just got me MedicAlert, which wasn't it. I'll check out the sites now. Was off my google yesterday, clearly.
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Here in the Netherlands, the Red Cross has such a service (phone circle ran by volunteers, when anyone in the circle doesn't someone goes to their house / the emergency services are alerted).
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