Help me defy the Jacket-Industrial complex
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Looking for a Bay Area tailor to shorten my Dickies jacket.

I've got a Dickies Lined Eisenhower Jacket that hits me just above mid-thigh. I'd like to take a few inches off the bottom so that it sits at my belt level. Because the jacket's namesake wore his waist-length, and I like that look. That, and I'm the kind of bicyclist who rolls with a complete Batman-grade utility belt, and right now if I want to zip it up I have to put the gear belt over the jacket.

Preference goes to tailors in Oakland/Berzerkeley area, then to the Bay Area in general (call it w/in a 5 miles bike ride of a BART station).

I've looked all around, and not only do I seem to have a predilection for jackets shorter than is currently fashionable, I've got more of my height in my torso than my legs as compared to many guys, so finding a jacket that fit the chest AND arms is already a task. If I'm gonna have a jacket that fits the way I want it to, I need someone to alter this one (which is most of the way there already).

Thanks in advance.
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It's not East Bay, but this is place for SF. It's not cheap, it's not fast, but it's damn high quality.
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Irina's Sewing Shop - Custom Alterations
(925) 943-5040
1372 N. Main St. #200, Walnut Creek

Not cheap either but high quality work.
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Uni Tailor on University in Berkeley. I've used them several times, with great results.
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