Are there any cute B&B's accessible via train from Philly?
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Looking for trip ideas from Philadelphia sans car. Trip length: 4 days, including travel. Would prefer train to plane. Ideal would be Cape Cod, but with train/ferry, we would eat up two days just getting there/back. Ideas?

Would like to avoid major hub cities (Boston, NYC, DC.) Any cute B&B's in the Hudson Valley/Delaware/Maryland/somewhere else (?) that are train/bus accessible? Ideal destination would be very quiet with beaches and/or hiking and stuff to do for four days. This would be for the first week in October and we'd like to avoid cars and planes, if at all possible. We're traveling from Philly.
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Amtrak to New London and then the ferry to Block Island maybe?
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Some places in the Hudson Valley could really use some love now -- they got kind of hard-hit by flooding post-Irene.

Fortunately (cue chirpy infomercial music) I do know of a rental house in one such Hudson Valley town that is VERY accessible by bus. My friends have a rental property in Fleischmanns, in the Catskills. It's a gorgeous house, well-kept, and I can personally attest to the paint job in the master bedroom (because I was one of the friends who helped paint it, mind). There's another couple B&Bs in town, as well.

And frankly, EVERYWHERE in Fleischmanns is accessbile by bus. It is REALLY tiny -- the bus drops you off at the local gas station, and my friend's house is two minutes' walk up a hill one direction, and one of those B&B's is two minutes walk another direction. There are also a few trails in hiking distance, but just wandering around the sleepy town may not be bad either.
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To get there from Phildadelphia: I know you can get from Phildadelphia to NYC via New Jersey Transit, and the bus from NYC to Fleischmanns leaves right out of Port Authority.

Woodstock, NY is another option -- that's got a little more sightseeing, and it's another case of "the bus drops you right bang in the center of town" situation. There are a couple of B&B's right there in the town center -- look for stuff on Tinker Street. (I haven't ever stayed in them, but have seen them and know of their existance.)
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You might like the Jersey Shore in October - it's a whole different, quieter ballgame than during the summer. Cape May could be a nice option. It's walkable, obviously on the beach, and has a fair amount of attractions (e.g. lighthouse, shops) just on the main drag. Renting bikes would expand your range.

Getting there from Philly is easy - take the 315 NJ Transit bus from the Bus Terminal at Market East station.

Regardless of where you go, have a great trip!
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