What's that thing on their heads?
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What is this weird (quasi?)-Egyptian headdress.

Okay, so I've been a fan of Sun Ra for a while, and I just noticed that a weird headdress he wears in Space is the Place is similar to one worn by Liz Taylor in Cleopatra.

Here's the Sun Ra version, and here's the Taylor one.

What on earth (or space) is this thing?
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Feathers represented truth, so I assume it's some variant of that.
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Response by poster: Thanks! "Feather" was the word I needed to google for this thing — a bunch of sites describe it as the "double feather crown." Apparently it was worn by Amun, which explains why Sun Ra would pick it up...
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Looks like Hathor.
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Best answer: Well, I seem to actually know this. Here is an article on head dresses of the ancient Egyptian deities here Hathor was/is the goddess of love and beauty.
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Hmm. While I'm pretty sure the Liz Taylor one is indeed Hathor (Cleopatra was sometimes depicted like that), the Sun Ra one has feathers instead of horns, rather than both. Also, Sun Ra is a dude.

This bit from jadepearl's link is interesting:
When [Min] took the form of Min-Amen, he wore the solar disk between the two tall feathers on his headdress. Min was one of the most ancient of Egyptian deities and is always depicted with an erect phallus, sometimes ejaculating sperm, and wearing a crown topped by two straight plumes
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Yeah, I rolled with the Elizabeth Taylor version where she is definitely sporting the love goddess connection. Sun Ra is manifesting Amen in one of his forms.
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