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Are there any groups that try to create copycat recipes of local Chicago restaurant food?

I grew up in Chicago but moved out of town about out 4 years ago. There are certain foods from specific restaurants that I crave but have no chance of having as they won't even send an order. Does anyone know of a website or group where people in Chicago try to copycat local restaurants? (I am not looking for "" or the like... I can have Olive Garden anywhere - when I am punishing myself)
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You know, if you liked a dish at a restaurant, calling in before service starts one day and asking to speak to the sous chef or the exec and letting them know how much you like the dish and that you would love the recipe will usually be followed with an ingredient list and breakdown of cooking techniques/methods.
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Response by poster: I have asked in all instances, sometimes twice. They are all quite tight lipped.
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Which restaurants and which recipes would help alot for answering this question.
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Also, you may want to try asking this question over at as it is a better resource for food questions like this.
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There is a book called Street Food Chicago that might help. It's full of recipes trying to recreate food from the more notable Chicago restaurants. (I have not tried any of them, so I can't vouch for it.)
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You might also check the LTH forum, which is another food forum, but specifically focused on Chicago.
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