Truly matte black tights
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Can you recommend a brand of truly matte, opaque, black tights?

I hate shiny tights and can't seem to find truly matte, opaque, black tights. What brand have you worn and can recommend to me? I am 5' 4" tall and medium-sized.
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Spanx makes reversible tights that are very, very dark, matte, and opaque. They're called "Two-Timin' tights" and come in black/blue and black/brown combinations. I've had mine for over four years with no runs, tears, or problems. Highly recommended.
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I like this brand. You might have more luck looking for "stockings" rather than "tights."
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I've found both Vera Wang (Kohl's) and DKNY jersey (from the outlets) have pretty thick and not sheery-shiny hose/tights in black, brown, and grey. I generally fall between two sizes and going up helps the opacity.
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You know what? The most opaque, matte tights I have (that aren't knit...knit is a whole 'nother story entirely) are from Target and cost 5-10 bucks. I've got some in red, some in black, some in navy, some in brown, and some in a really awesome drowned-corpse blue color. Looking at them I don't remember if they were Xhiliration or Merona--probably a mix of both--and they suit my needs just fine. My only gripe is that they're not quiiiite long enough for me, but you're several inches shorter than I am so you should come out just fine. And, hey, five bucks.
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M&S (you can shop online) or, the gold standard, Wolford.
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Some tights are naturally shiny, but all tights are shiny when they are stretched more than they're supposed to. I solved this problem by sizing up.
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Hue sweater tights work for me. Kinda pricey. If you remember in the spring, find em cheap at Marshalls and TJ Maxx.
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Land's End.
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There are several matte black tights options at Sock Dreams. Most of the non-shiny ones are cotton or wool blends.
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email sockdreams. their customer service is fantastic and i'd be surprised if they didn't have what you need.
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The shininess is the spandex/Lycra/stretch element. You should definitely size up to reduce this effect, which will be present to some extent in almost every kind of stretchy tights.

I love the Foot Traffic combed cotton tights that were linked by PhoBWanKenobi above. They are a sweater-type tights, so they don't look as sleek, but they are warmer than other tights. They are almost entirely matte and extremely durable. I am a huge fan. Foot Traffic makes normal tights and they are also pretty great.
If you want matte without the thickness, I love the tights at We Love Colors. They are great- amazing color selection, very matte and opaque, and extremely durable.
But for $5 each, the Xhiliration ones at Target are also pretty great. Some color selection, pretty durable, and matte. I have been pleased with these.
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Mine are a few years old (they don't age at all) from Banana Republic. I have black and gray. Absolutely no shine.

Ah, here they are: $22.
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Came in here to recommend the DKNY ones, which are fabulous, but must also nth the recommendation to call Sock Dreams, because they'll have something grand and are ridiculously nice people, too.
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Most of my tights are black and all are matte and quite opaque and I have never had a problem finding them. Maybe the secret is hating artificial fibres? Mine are more cotton or wool (sometimes both) than anything else; no or only very minimal poly, no excess nylon. I like Hue and Marks and Sparks.
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I've bought nice "wool" tights at Target as well.
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I really, really, really like we love colour's microfibre tights. Opaque, non-shiny, indestructable (so far).
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I lovelovelove DKNY's Comfort Luxe Opaque tights. Soft and not shiny, and quite sturdy. Also they have a soft waistband so no pinching.
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Dancewear stores will have 100% nylon tights in a matte finish. They come in sizes, I usually get a size up from what the chart says.
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