Netbook for in-car entertainment
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How can I turn my netbook into an in-car entertainment center? What software should I use, and what peripherals would make sense in an in-car setting?

I have an Acer Aspire One D255 that I hardly ever use. My iPod is on its last legs, and I thought that the netbook would make a good replacement for in-car use. I already have a Parrot mki9200 installed in the car, so I can plug the netbook in through the line-in port on that, so audio isn't an issue.

My music collection is already in an extensively tagged iTunes library, and I'd prefer not to have to tag it all again, but if that's a necessity then so be it.

I could use iTunes, but Windows is really slow on the netbook, and iTunes doesn't really have a great interface for use in the car, especially on a 10" screen. If I could also put some films, TV shows etc on the netbook and play those back (when I wasn't driving) that would also be really cool, maybe on an external drive.

So, I guess what I'm looking for is recommendations of software to run, and how to control it most effectively in the car.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm really a Mac-based guy, and have no idea how to do this on a PC!

Thanks in advance!
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I would strongly recommend that you use Zune or Windows Media Center. Both of these programs are pretty resource heavy, but they are much more beautiful then iTunes. Media Center is particularly heavy on the processor. Also Zune will scan your comp and use all your info from iTunes, so you wont have to re-tag. The only other option is winamp, which is not very good.
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you could also try xbmc, though I'm not sure how it will work resource-wise, it does have an interface designed to be run from the couch.
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