Looking for bulk shirts.
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I'm looking to buy a bunch of non-plain but yes-simple men's T-shirts. Please help?

Right now I have a couple dozen shirts from Old Navy that look kind of like this, but with much shorter sleeves, in 6-7 different color combinations. I got them on clearance a year or two ago for $5-6 each. I like them because they're simple for daily wear, but are also interesting to look at vs. a blank, plain one-color shirt.

The closest thing to what I'm looking for is this shirt. I purchased one to try out, and here's what I like about it: tight neck/collar, longer sleeves (the old ones stop a couple inches above my elbow, I like them elbow-length), interesting shape with the strips of a different color breaking up the shirt, it's a bit longer/taller than the current shirts, and it comes in a range of color combos. What I don't like is that it's 100% polyester, which is apparently bad for cleaning my glasses, and my nipples show through the thin fabric. I'm neutral on their price - $12 isn't bad, but I'd like something closer to $10, since I'd want to buy 2-4 of several different colors. I'd definitely go for this one if it weren't polyester.

Spreadshirt has something similar to that one, but it's $22 instead of $12; this is almost OK, but it has logos on it, and the only contrast is the different thread color; 6 Dollar Shirts only seems to do print shirts; American Apparel seems to love Flashdance collars on their plain shirts; the other bulk shirt sites I've seen like Outlet Shirts linked above seem to have the odd-color sleeve shirts I have now and the polyester shirt I almost like, then plain from there.

I'm not looking for print/logo/ThinkGeek/Woot-esque shirts for several reasons. I also lump ringer shirts in with the plain one-color shirts.

So a quick list to recap:

1. Plain non-print cloth, but not one-color.
2. Variety of color combos.
3. Tight collar, round, not V, not polo/buttonup.
4. Short sleeve, elbow length, not capri-pants (capri sleeve?) length.
5. Tall shirt length preferable.
6. Loose overall, not skintight.
7. Poly cotton cloth would be best, then cotton, then 100% polyester.
8. ~$10 price range.
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Look for softball jersey shirts at any sporting goods store. The sleeves usually go to a little below the elbow, but I've found them shorter at Big 5 and the like, and because they're only $6-$8 you could probably afford to get the sleeves hemmed if they're too long.
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This looks as if it might fit the bill - 50/50 poly/cotton, colour block, elbow-length sleeves, and a variety of colour combinations. $11.49.
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Not sure how the shipping compares but here's the same shirt as the one linked above for $7.75.
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Anything here strike your fancy? It's my go-to place for logo-free bulk-price shirts.
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I have seen shirts like this in craft stores like Michael's. They sell them for people to draw on or glue things on, so they are blank, and cheap.
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I find that people need to "decorate." A simple, flat color shows understatement. Really, It comes to your body type. If you are slightly overweight, black works. Simple, toning and unpretentious. If you are a muscle man, you can wear whatever you like. Still, keep it simple. compliment the look with a nice watch and a handsome pair of shoes and you will find that it is a small issue.
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The type of shirt you're looking for has Raglan sleeves and here is the Google shopping search. Here's one for $4; here's one for $2.
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Also, I like the ringer tees from Cheapestees (I don't know why there's an extra E). They are out of their Raglan short sleeves, but they have a 3/4 sleeve baseball jersey.
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Oops! I missed your comment about ringer tees. I don't see your Spreadshirt example, as the link goes to an AskMe thread. Your Sport-Tek shirt with the accent color panels is common style of performance/exercise tee, which is almost always going to be 100% synthetic material for the wicking properties.
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Would you be against a yarn-dyed tee? That is, instead of two differently coloured chunks of fabric sewn together, it's one piece of fabric with two or more colours woven right in. That usually means stripes, but sometimes it's big sections.

They're generally a little more expensive, but they'll usually hit your price range when they go on sale.
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Response by poster: Whoops, forgot about this post. I was trying to veer away from the raglan sleeves since that's what I've been wearing for the past couple years, and haven't seen any other vaguely-similar shirts in my price range. Oh well, thanks for the advice!
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Response by poster: After doing more searching I've found that the term I was looking for was "colorblock" or "color block" style shirts, which is explained here.
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