Streaming a live performance to family and friends overseas?
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I want to live-stream a performance of mine to various members of family abroad. What are my options?

I'm performing 45 minutes of art song in a venue with Wifi (crappy WiFi, but it's something).

I'm not sure how firewalled up the WiFi is, but I have access to the venue on and off for the next few weeks. (It's a conservatory)

I have a Macbook Pro with built in videocam, a real videocamera (Sanyo Xacti HD1010, but it only records to memory card, as far as I know), and about 3 weeks to ask friends for different equipment. The venue has a hard-wired videocam set up (there are TV monitors outside the hall showing what's going on stage) but I have no details about how that's connected or whether I can have access to it.

My main priority is sound quality, and if there's a crappy video of me with good sound, then great.

What are some options I have here?
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Skype? You'll probably have an issue in that the sound isn't going to be great.

Livestream? I know nothing about them beyond having seen a few things that use their services, but they seem to have a range of options.
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Yeah, you need a hardwired ethernet connection if you plan to broadcast with any hope of decent sound. Where there is wifi, there is likely ethernet. See if you can get access.
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